Thursday, December 1, 2016

Living and Learning Dec. 1, 2016

"It's easy to see how hatred lies at the root of much of human misery, but what we seem to find difficult is accepting that we cannot end hatred by hating.  Hating those who hate may feel cathartic and even righteous, but it brings us no closer to the solution to what is a very deep problem."  "In this world, hostility is never appeased by hostility: only in the absence of hatred does hatred cease."  Only love and compassion for others can end hostility and hatred.  We can never transform an enemy into a friend with hate."

"When we see deeply into the life of those we're inclined to despise, we can recognize that whatever vile acts they may commit do not completely express all that they are.  We can understand that their hatred and greed arise from fear, self-centeredness, ignorance, and misunderstanding,--the very things that afflict all of us from time-to-time."

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